Hi! My name is Emma and I am a 22-year-old alum of Elon University serving as a Young Adult Volunteer, or YAV, in the Philippines from August 2017- August 2018. I am currently living in a town called Dumaguete on the island of Negros to make relationships, learn about NGO work in the Philippines, and hopefully donate some of my gifts to the various communities I’m involved with here.

Thanks for saying hey by visiting my site, and feel free to sign up for updates on my read all about it! page to learn more about the YAV program and my work as well as keep up with my experience throughout the year.


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Confessions of a YAV

YAV alum Quantisha Mason wrote a newsletter article in which she stated that it’s important to accept failure in our experiences. A lot of what we try in life may lead to failure, and that’s not always a bad thing. I did my best to compile a list of stories from this past year to show times that I didn’t succeed. I hope to be truthful in conveying the stories behind photos and social media posts of my past year and hope that they challenge you to be okay with imperfection.

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